There’s a lot of information on this website, and several ways to find what you’re looking for.

Information about voting

The About Voting section has information about registering to vote, important dates in the election calendar, and general information about voting. It also explains how to get a sample ballot, which is an important first step to determining what you might want to investigate before heading to the voting booth (what you’ll be voting on). It also shows how to find out where to go to vote.

From the top menu, either click on “About Voting” or one of the pages that appear when you hover over it. Or, you can use the “Voting Quick Reference” menu in the right-hand column to get to specific pages quickly.

Getting a sample ballot

There are a lot of people running for lots of offices! Luckily, you don’t have to pay attention to every race.

Tarrant County provides a nice online tool to find out who represents you. It also has an option to download your specific sample ballot…what you’ll see when you go to the voting booth. Armed with this information, you can investigate and decide who or what you want to vote for in the election. And we’re here to help with your investigation.

The Voting! page (link opens in new window) shows how to get a sample ballot.

About our sources

The Texas Secretary of State Elections website and the Tarrant County Elections website  are the sources of much of the voting-type information you’ll find on this site’s pages.

Information about candidates was drawn from publicly available information, such as the filing report by the Texas Secretary of State (that example is from 2018 and hasn’t been updated yet).